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A profound and holistic therapy


In Stillness we access and increase our natural resources, allowing the healing process to unfold and gaining more vitality



A biodynamic approach

Craniosacral Therapy developed from the work of an American Osteopath,
Dr William Garner Sutherland in the early 1900s.
The body expresses very subtle rhythmic motions in fluid and tissues, that express health and assist in the functioning of a number of vital functions. The craniosacral therapist tunes into and listens to these subtle motions through their hands, facilitating a deep self-healing process of the body to release physical and emotional tensions, restoring the system to a more balanced state.
In Biodynamics we attend more to the underlying unbalance at the root of the tensions than treating the symptoms separately.


What to expect


During the first session, a case history is taken before resting on the couch.            

Treatments take place with shoes off and otherwise fully clothed with you in a resting position, face up.

I work with my clients as a whole, working into specific areas in the body as needed, with light hand contact.

First sessions can last up to 75 minutes, follow up sessions are 60 minutes.

This work differs from Massage and Osteopathy, as muscles or bones are not manipulated. Subtle hand contact with the body is maintained throughout the session.

For what and who

Given the nature of this therapy, gentle and holistic, that is about supporting the self-healing process of the body, 

It can benefit people of all ages, babies, adults, elderly, for almost any condition.

CST is very good for releasing tensions, physical and emotional, down regulating the nervous system, reducing stress and anxiety, enhancing a deep sense of wellbeing.



Marie Ortiz

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist


I grew up in Paris, France, in a family from Dominican Republic. I live in London since 7 years. I am a

Craniosacral Therapist registered with the Craniosacral Therapy Association (CSTA) and the International Affiliation of Biodynamic Trainings (IABT).

I initially graduated with a Maîtrise (4-year degree) in Psychology from Université Paris 5

René Descartes and a Master’s degree in Development of Human Resources. Before being

Craniosacral Therapist I worked in Corporate within Human Resources (HR), where I came

across a range of physical, mental, emotional issues related to desk-seating computer

prolonged postures and corporate environments (stress, back pain, neck pain, headaches,

insomnia, exhaustion, burnout…).

In my last years in HR, I wanted to work in a therapy context and with people from all

horizons. At the same time I discovered Craniosacral Therapy (CST) through my Qi Gong

teacher. That was a considerable holistic support and deeply enhanced my sense of

wellbeing. So naturally I studied Anatomy and Physiology and then Craniosacral Therapy

at the Craniosacral Therapy Educational Trust (CTET) in London, qualifying after 3 years. Along with CST, I have been practicing Qi Gong for years, which helps me be grounded, benefiting me personally and in my Craniosacral practice.

I practice with people having physical pain (back, shoulders, neck, wrists, knees, ankles...), stress, anxiety, overwhelming mental activity, emotional strains, going through difficult life challenges, feeling disconnected. CST is very good for releasing tensions, restrictions, physical and emotional, that can be held in the body for years, as far as from birth, and down regulating the nervous system, reducing stress, anxiety.

I am bilingual French and Spanish, have worked in English and Italian. So these are languages I can speak if needed.



Please feel free to contact if you have questions or for availabilities and bookings.

07 513 844 492


07 513 844 492

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